Laconic mercenary.

Gnome HP 8 Size Small Speed 25 ft. Languages Common, Gnomish, Sylvan [Gnome][Humanoid] Low-light vision

Bounty Hunter Experienced Tracker

Ranger Perception (E) Fortitude (E), Reflex (E), Will (E) Acrobatics (T), Athletics (T), Crafting (T), Nature (T), Stealth (E), Survival (T), Legal Lore (T) Simple Weapons (T), Martial Weapons (T), Unarmed Attacks (T) Light Armor (T), Medium Armor (T), Unarmored Defense (T) Ranger Class DC (T) Hunt Prey A [concentrate][ranger] Hunter's Edge: Flurry First World Magic [gnome]: Knows Dancing Lights Animal Companion [ranger] Hunted Shot A [flourish][ranger] Companion's Cry [ranger] Natural Medicine [general][skill] Incredible Initiative [general] Quiet Allies [general][skill]

+1 composite longbow (2nd and 1st) 2 +1 shortsword (2nd) L bracelet of dashing (3rd) L

Str 10 +0 +2 +2 14 Dex 10 +2 +2 +2 +2 18 Con 10 +2 +2 14 Int 10 -2 8 Wis 10 +2 12 Cha 10 +0 10

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