8 HP + 32 + ? Medium 25 ft. Common + 2 [human][humanoid]

Human Versatile Scholar Cleric of Nethys Healing Font Cloistered Cleric

Perception (T) Fortitude (E), Reflex (T), Will (E) Simple weapons (T), unarmored attacks (T) Unarmored defense (T) Divine spell attacks (T), divine spell DC (T) Academia Lore (T), Arcana (T), Crafting (E), Diplomacy (T), Medicine (T), Nature (T), Nethys Lore (T), Occultism (T), Religion (T)

Battle Medicine Natural Ambition Assurance (Arcana) Domain Initiate: Magic Reach Spell Wizard Dedication Recognize Spell Basic Wizard Spellcasting Magical Crafting

Spells: 2nd: silence, spriritual weapon, 4 heal 1st: magic missile, protection, sanctuary, color spray can: chill touch, detect magic, disirupt undead, light, shield, tanglefoot, telekinetic projectile

Spellbook 1st: color spray, grease can: electric arc, mage hand, tanglefoot, telekinetic projectile

Staff of fire Wand of shocking grasp Weapon potency rune

Formulas: minor healing potion, holy water, antidote, comprehension elixir, scroll, wand

Str 10 10 Dex 10 10 Con 10 +2 12 Int 10 +2 +2 14 Wis 10 +2 +2 +2 16 Cha 10 +2 +2 +2 16

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