Snipe was born Thenocia Fellhammer, second daughter of Jarl Peteran Fellhammer. This should have doomed her to a life of being a marker in the endless political maneuverings between noble houses, a fate that she deemed entirely too boring to be borne. Instead, she ran away to pursue her fascination with gadgets and chemistry to become a world-class safe cracker. Also she changed her name, because seriously. She takes the occasional job from the Pathfinders to pay back for some of the more esoteric training she received, and she doesn't mind if you watch her work so long as you don't *breathe* quite so loud, thank you.

Research Field: Rocketeer

You like alchemical reactions that are vigorous and far away. You start with the formulas for two 1st-level alchemical bombs in your formula book.

You can craft explosive bolts using the formulas for alchemical bombs. Explosive bolts cannot be thrown, but they can be loaded into crossbows like normal bolts. This makes the crossbow a martial weapon with a range increment equal to one-quarter the normal range increment of the weapon (30 ft. in the case of a crossbow); you have the same proficiency with this weapon that you have with alchemical bombs. Striking with the explosive bolt gains the manipulate trait. The bolt does bomb damage instead of the normal crossbow damage.

Special: The Far Lobber feat increases your range increment with explosive bolts by 10 ft.

Known formulae: